When I took my first steps into the world of premium spirits, I knew I wanted to combine my passion for writing with this new-found interest in whiskies. I thought it would be fun to note down my thoughts and ideas about a specific whisky that I was drinking, and I enjoyed looking up extra information about the distillery, their story, and the ideas behind the brand.

I wrote for another blog for a while, and now decided to start up my own blog. My goal is to talk about whisky, obviously, although I do not want to be pedantic about the topic. Yes, I realize that using a word such as ‘pedantic’ ironically turns me into someone who *is* pedantic. I hope you can appreciate the irony.

With this blog, I would like to inform people about whisky in a ‘down-to-earth’-way, not focusing too much on the intricate details of every step in the creation of a new expression, nor trying to compare certain expressions to previous expressions of the same brand. Instead, I would like to go back to the core business of every whisky blog: tasting various whiskies, and providing recommendations for those who are looking for them. Starting up a small community of like-minded individuals might also be worth working on.

I imagine this blog as the equivalent of a bunch of people sitting around a campfire, sharing a bottle of whisky someone brought along. Some of the people around that campfire might be very experienced whisky enthusiasts; others might have never tasted whisky before. The goal is to make sure all those people have a genuinely nice time. Perhaps some of them might want to learn a bit more about a specific whisky brand, or maybe recommendations are thrown around. In the end, they are all there to share that bottle.

This blog aims to be that digital campfire place, where people meet up to talk about what they like. We can all learn from each other, and it would be a waste turning this into a one-sided experience.

I would like to talk about those whiskies that are worthy of being sipped and shared, and I hope my readers are very eager to share their experiences too.

Welcome to The Campfire Dram. I hope you stay a while.